Maintaining a Large Air B&B

Your Air B&B or small motel needs to be maintained the same as any large hotel. There are many things you need to look into when it comes to running an Air B&B. Here we’ll cover some of the common problems you need to be aware of or know how to fix.



When you let guests into your home, you need to ID them so that you don’t get anyone in there that you can’t do anything about if they trash the place and leave. Getting a copy of their ID lets you also deal with police because a lot of the time people try to hide out in hotels after committing crimes, and if they gave you their ID and police show up they’ll know if the person is likely to be there. It also helps you to determine if someone is lying about who they are when they give you a fake ID.


Don’t let people stay who get too rowdy or cause damage. It’s usually okay for someone to have a good time in a room, but it’s another story if they damage anything or cause other people to have a bad time due to the noise they are making. You don’t have to wait to kick someone out usually unless they won’t leave and you have to call the cops. Give someone their money back and get them out if they get too crazy so you don’t have to deal with replacing everything in the room after they leave.

Sub out the cleaning

If you have a lot of rooms, multiple houses or you manage them from a remote location, hire someone to clean for you. Even if you don’t have that many rooms to clean, you should have 2 people at least to help each other do things like put sheets on large beds because that can be tough to do by yourself. Make sure you screen the people you are thinking of hiring well so you don’t end up getting someone that is on drugs or has a rocky past that may indicate they’ll steal from guests.

Emergency maintenance

A maintenance team should available at all times. Weather that’s you or someone you can call in a pinch. You can expect people to clog toilets, find pests, and just need help with things like replacing light bulbs. You never know what will come up and it takes someone who can be handy no matter what they are faced with. There are problems that call for specialists, like with your electric wiring, but you also need someone that can go up and do simple tasks for people. Again, do checks on anyone you hire to be sure they’re safe to have working with you.

Pest Control

You may also need to have regular pest control done by a professional because people can bring in bugs, rats, and anything else that could become a problem. By taking steps to just keep the building clean and taken care of by getting pests checked for at least you can avoid any large outbreaks. You should make very sure if someone complains of things like bugs, that you get someone out quickly before they go to other rooms because if they get bad enough you won’t be able to sell people on rooms making for no money coming in.

Cleaning staff

If you hire your own cleaning staff check out their work when they are new to the job. You need to find out if they missed anything, because they will keep making the same mistakes repeatedly unless you point it out. Even if your guests don’t notice, it’s best to train them the right way to do things before they come up.


Maintenance must be done on a regular basis for you to make good money. Don’t become known as a slummy place because people will talk about their experience. Keep an eye on everything you learned here and if anyone complains about anything you should look into it and fix the problem right away!